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Non-functional design modifications of existing manufactured goods can be patented as a design patent. Design patents are given to inventions dealing with ornamental designs.


Design patent prevent others from selling, using, and manufacturing the invention for 14 years.


We provide:


  • A free and confidential initial consultation.


  • A Design Patent Search: We perform a search of existing design patents.


  • Drawings: We provide technical illustration of the invention with the standards required by the US and Canadian Patent offices.


  • Filing and Submission: We prepare all  the required material for filing the design patent application.  

  • What is a design patent?

A design patent protects the original design of an existing product or item. It gives legal protection to the patent holder against anyone who tries to steal or copy the design. If you have a design patent and another company or individual copies your design, you can take legal action against them.

  • How long will a design patent last?

A design patent lasts for 14 years from the date you filed the application for the patent. Since the review process can take several years, you might not have the full 14 years of protection. Anyone who copies your design during that time is at risk for legal action.

  • What does a design patent protect?

A design patent covers the look and feel of a specific object. It does not protect the functional or operational aspects of that item.

  • What is the difference between a design patent and a utility patent?

A utility patent is broader and includes how a product works as well as how it looks. It applies to just about any item, including chemical compounds, furniture, electronics, and many other products. A design patent only protects how the item looks. It's usually granted on items, such as furniture pieces or electronic devices, that are patented or have expired patents.

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